Social Security Returns to Mailing Statements

Many people in the state of Florida and across the country apply for Social Security and Disability benefits. Whether an individual applies to the Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance program or the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, certain requirements must be met before benefits are paid out. There is a specific process to abide by in applying for benefits, and an experienced Social Security and Disability attorney can help his or her clients navigate the process and take any steps necessary to reach a positive result.

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Changes to Social Security Procedure

People should know of changes to the law and procedure when filing for and receiving Social Security and Disability benefits. While not all members of the public stay informed of any changes, an attorney who regularly practices in this area of law is responsible for doing so. An online news article recently reported of one such change. The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced on September 16th that it plans to periodically mail out paper statements to those who receive benefits. This action was previously done away with in 2011 in an attempt to save on costs. The decision to rely mostly on online tracking of earnings and future benefits was estimated to save the SSA approximately $70 million in printing and mailing costs every year. Even though millions of recipients reportedly maintain online accounts to track their benefits, complaints about the new procedure started almost immediately. In 2013, Congress stepped in and passed a bill requiring SSA to once again mail the statements in order to provide an easy and efficient way to access an estimate of one’s Social Security benefits. Depending on a recipient’s age, one can expect to receive a statement once a year or once every five years.

Applying for Benefits

The change refers to procedures followed by the SSA for those already receiving benefits. However, it is important for others to know what to expect once their application for benefits is approved. The application process can often be difficult and complex, and it is advisable to obtain the assistance of legal counsel when applying for Social Security benefits.

Social Security and Disability Attorney

If you or someone you know is considering applying for Social Security or Disability benefits in the state of Florida, it helps to consult with an experienced attorney who can take on your case and assist you in the process. The team of attorneys at Hoffman, Larin & Agnetti, P.A. have decades of experience successfully representing clients in their Social Security and Disability applications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. Our offices are conveniently located in Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties.