Florida Courts Seek to Clear Foreclosure Backlog, but at What Expense?

The number of foreclosure actions instituted in the state of Florida over the past several years is huge. In fact, media outlets still regularly report on the foreclosure problems facing homeowners throughout the state. With the staggering number of foreclosure actions working their way through the courts – reportedly over 250,000 – it is not surprising that Florida Courts are struggling to keep up. A recent article examined the responses to foreclosure proceedings and the effects on homeowners.

Foreclosure Sign Image
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Clearing the Backlog

According to the article, some foreclosure cases moving through the courts today date back to 2009 and earlier. Florida has dedicated courtrooms, staff, and judges specifically tasked with moving these cases through the court system to clear the backlog. These judges often hear over 100 cases in a relatively short period of time, sometimes in a single day- something all parties involved are unhappy with.

Many of the cases still present in the system are in different stages of negotiations, with both parties attempting to work out a settlement deal. Some cases are granted extensions, while others, reportedly, are not, despite some cases where parties on both sides requested more time. Both the State Legislature and the Supreme Court are encouraging that these cases be moved through the system. While some cases are rightfully sped along, there is a concern that other cases are not getting the attention they deserve from the courts.

Foreclosure Initiative

The effort to clear the foreclosure backlog in Florida was allegedly meant to boost the state’s economy by getting properties through foreclosure proceedings and back onto the market. However, homeowners who were foreclosed upon do not see the effort as something positive. In some cases, homeowners are being forced out of their homes prematurely, and their former properties end up back on an already over-saturated market. For others, the sped-up court procedures are a welcome relief. But many homeowners find themselves caught in legal limbo, and are just looking forward to putting the experience behind them and moving on.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney

While parties to foreclosure cases face some difficulties in court, having an experienced foreclosure attorney on your side can make all the difference. If you or someone you know is going through foreclosure proceedings, please contact the experienced team of attorneys at Hoffman, Larin & Agnetti, P.A. today to schedule a consultation to discuss your matter. We have years of experience defending clients in foreclosure actions. Our offices are located in Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties.