Motorcycle Accidents: The Hidden Injuries That Can Be The Most Dangerous*



*And what you should never do immediately after a motorcycle or auto accident.

In the past five years, only about 2% of all Florida traffic crashes involved a motorcycle. Yet the injuries both obvious and ‘hidden’ from motorcycle accidents can be among the most severe.

Motorcycle accidents can result in a variety of injuries, some of which may not be immediately apparent. 


  1. ROAD RASH: The most common form of a motorcycle injury is road rash. Road rash is a type of skin abrasion that occurs when riders are thrown from the bike and then skidded on the pavement. 
  2. BROKEN BONES: Common fractures after motorcycle accidents include femurs, forearms, shins, and pelvis bones.
  3. FOOT AND LEG INJURIES: According to the CDC, 30% of non-fatal motorcycle accident injuries happen to the rider’s legs and feet.
  4. HEAD & NECK INJURIES:  Studies have shown that larger motorcycle engine sizes come with a higher risk of head injuries.
  5. SPINAL INJURIES: The thoracic spine is the most commonly damaged area of the spine in motorcycle accidents.
  6. ABDOMINAL INJURIES: Studies have shown that older riders have significantly higher incidences of thoracic (chest) injuries compared to their younger counterparts.
  7. HAND & ARM: Hand, wrist, and arm injuries are incredibly common among injured motorcyclists because most people will throw their arms out instinctively when flung to the ground. “Biker’s Arm” (also called “Rider’s Arm”) occurs when a motorcycle lands on its rider’s arm during an accident, resulting in nerve damage.
  8. BURNS: If the motorcycle’s gas tank spills during a wreck, a rider can end up with severe burns. 
  9. TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES (TBI). TBI is the leading cause of death among injured motorcyclists. 


Many injuries don’t show up right away. How often have you heard of someone who felt fine after an accident, only to be rushed to the hospital hours or days later?

Symptoms of ‘HIDDEN INJURIES’ can include:

  1. HEADACHES: While headaches can have many other causes, they could also occur as a result of your motorcycle accident. Head injuries are among the most common injuries sustained in vehicular and motorcycle collisions. They often indicate a concussion or serious traumatic brain injury.
  2.  NECK STIFFNESS & PAIN: While the typical stresses of daily life can cause some neck pain and stiffness, these symptoms may arise from something more severe like a spinal cord injury or nerve and tissue damage.  
  3. ABDOMINAL PAIN, SWELLING, OR BRUISING: These symptoms may point to an internal injury, which can be life-threatening. 
  4. UNUSUAL PERSONALITY CHANGES:   If you experience unusual (for you) levels of depression, anxiety, fear, insomnia, happiness, anger, or other emotional issues, you may have accident-induced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or injuries to the part of your brain that controls emotions. 
  5. DIZZINESS & FAINTING: These troubling symptoms can manifest due to a number of hidden injuries caused by your motorcycle accident, such as internal bleeding, brain injury, and even neurological damage.


  1. Ignore the ‘Hidden; Symptoms: get to an ER if you experience ANY of these symptoms.
  2. Post photos or comments on social media? Why? Read here.
  3. Speak to anyone after an accident. Call your Insurance agent but remember that when he/she asks how you are don’t say ‘Fine’.  What to do after an accident: click here.
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