In today’s world, traveling during the holidays is challenging for everyone. But emotions tend to run higher when both parents and their families want to spend as much quality time as possible with their child. The best way to minimize this stress is to create a parenting time-sharing plan that works for all involved.* 

What To Include In Your Parenting Plan BEFORE Taking Your Holiday Trips 

The parenting plan that was drawn up should have dealt with parental time-sharing, including travel during the holidays. Every couple, every family is unique, with unique needs and they need a unique plan that works for them.  If wisely done in advance of the holidays, everyone will know what to expect and this alone will reduce stress for everyone.  This holds true for school and summer vacations.

Travel plans during the holiday and school vacations should include:

  • A Plan for In-state Travel:
    • On which days during the holidays or school vacations will each parent be able to travel with the child within Florida? Where will each parent be going and for how long? 
  • A Plan for Out of State Travel:
    •  On which days will each parent be able to travel with the child out of state? Where will each parent be going and for how long?  Will each parent get a major holiday such as  Thanksgiving and Christmas during which they can take the child out of state? Will these plans change in alternate years?
  • A Plan for International Travel:
    •  In most cases, you will need a court order from a family judge or a written consent form to travel out of the country with your child in a time-sharing situation. You can, if possible, list any future dates on which you would like to take that trip.  This will help when you do go to court to obtain authorization, as the judge will see that you and the other parent previously agreed to the international travel. 
  • Travel Itinerary:
    • The traveling parent should provide the other parent with a travel itinerary which includes when they are traveling, where they will be staying, flights if applicable, and make sure that the other parent can speak with your child during the trip.

 Holiday Time-Sharing: It’s All In the Planning                                                                                                                                                

Holidays, birthdays, vacations are more challenging when dealing with divorces or separated families. And Covid has only added more stress. But the more you plan in advance, the easier the holidays will be on all the members of your family. Especially on the children.

*And good planning starts with retaining an attorney with the experience and the expertise to create a customized plan that works for your family.

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