Four Important Reasons Why You Need a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

You are driving your SUV on Fleming Street in Key West, Florida when a sedan being operated by a texting teenager smashes into your vehicle. The distracted teen was speeding, so the impact was quite severe, resulting in extensive damage to you and your vehicle. In fact, you had to be transported to the hospital with injuries to your neck, back, and knees. In this scenario, hiring a Florida personal injury lawyer is extremely important. Below are four reasons why.

Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by Matt Lemmon via flickr
Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by Matt Lemmon via flickr

Focus on Recovery

Do you really want to spend your days haggling with an insurance company to get the money you deserve? Instead, you should focus on your recovery and getting back to 100% health. Focus on your physical therapy visits and picking up the pieces of your life. Let your Florida car accident attorney haggle with the insurance company.

Knowledge of Personal Injury Law

Do you know the applicable statute of limitations for a personal injury case? Do you know where to find all of the applicable sources of insurance coverage for your claim? If you do not, that is totally understandable. Most non-lawyers do not. A personal injury lawyer is experienced in this area of law and that knowledge and experience can be put to use to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Insurance Company Has a Team of Lawyers

When you file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, the claim is initially handled by a claims adjuster, but the insurance company also has a team of experienced defense lawyers ready to litigate personal injury claims with a goal of denying you from getting any money. Remember, insurance companies focus on making a profit. Your injury claim hurts their bottom line, so they want to pay you as little as possible and would prefer to pay you absolutely nothing. You will hear reason after reason why you should not get any money from the claims adjuster and/or the insurance defense lawyer.

Level the playing field. Your Florida personal injury attorney will be your advocate. He or she will fight to get you the money you rightfully deserve. He or she will go to bat for you with a laser focus on protecting your interests rather than the interests of the insurance company. If you want to get the highest amount of restitution available, you need a personal injury lawyer.

Insurance Companies Treat Non-Represented Claimants Differently

It is an unfortunate truth that insurance companies treat claimants who do not have an attorney differently. They drag their feet in the hopes that you will let the statute of limitations expire. They will not offer you the most money they have available for settlement because they are not worried about you taking the case to trial and representing yourself to get a big judgment or verdict. Having a Florida personal injury attorney on your side changes that completely. They know that an experienced, aggressive injury lawyer can get a big verdict that will cost them even more money.

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