Worker’s Compensation – $3,600,000
Automobile Accident – $1,100,000
Premises Liability / Negligent Security – $1,100,000
Medical Malpractice / Transplant Surgery – $1,000,000+
Automobile Accident – $1,000,000
Automobile Accident / Contruction Defect – $950,000
Automobile Accident – $950,000
Automobile Accident – $950,000


Settlement: $3,600,000.00


Our client was a 20 year-old camp counselor earning $60/week when he volunteered to perform in the camp’s end of the year circus. While practicing on a trampoline after camp hours, he struck his head and suffered quadraparesis. His municipal employer denied the claim, alleging that the incident happened outside the course of his employment.

While HLA Law handled the case, a settlement was reached for a total anticipated payout of $3,600,000.00.

Settlement: $1,100,000.00


Our client was a 35 year-old automobile mechanic who, as a pedestrian, was struck by a vehicle that was backing up at a slow speed. The injuries included a torn ligament in one knee, which was repaired by arthroscopic surgery and a herniated disc in his lower back, which was treated non-surgically. As a result of his injuries, our client claimed that he would be unable to return to past work and would suffer a significant reduction in salary working in a field other than automobile repair.

At trial, in addition to medical testimony, we retained an economist to testify as to future wage loss. These efforts led to a settlement of $1,100,000.00.

Settlement: $1,000,000.00


Our client went to a service station at night to buy gas. The service station was located in a known high-crime area. While paying the attendant through a secured payment window, he was shot and killed in a robbery attempt. The client’s family claimed that the service station operator was negligent because it failed to provide adequate security and lighting and otherwise protect customers.

Security experts were hired by the firm to support our theory of the case, and the service station settled for $1,000,000.00.

Settlement: Over $1,000,000.00


Our client was a 55 year-old dialysis patient who had waited for several years for a donor kidney. Shortly after the transplant, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and died. Our investigation showed that the kidney was obtained from a donor who had died of brain cancer. Medical experts were retained to establish that the donor was inappropriate and that the transplant center’s process of selecting donors was faulty.

The case was settled for a figure in excess of $1,000,000.00, though the exact amount of settlement cannot be disclosed per the settlement agreement.

Settlement: $1,000,000.00


Our client was injured when his vehicle was struck by a large semi-truck, which made an illegal left turn without its top lights on. The client was driving home from a church meeting to take care of his ill wife who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Prior to the accident, he worked as an activities director for a nursing home. As a result of the accident the client suffered numerous serious injuries, underwent at least 10 operations, incurred medical bills of over $200,000 and suffered a loss of income as well.

The case was settled immediately after a law suit was filed against the trucking company for the full $1,000,000.00 liability insurance limit.

Settlement: $950,000.00


Our client was injured by a drunk driver who was traveling in the wrong direction on a section of highway that was under construction. The drunk driver had no insurance coverage, and our client underwent multiple surgeries for her injuries. The firm sued the company that placed the barricades on the roadway, the construction company, and engineers who designed and controlled the construction. Our theory of the case was that the roadwork did not meet safety standards and was confusing to drivers using the roadway.

Roadway experts, human factors experts and an economist were retained to render opinions in the case, and it was settled for $950,000.00.

Settlement: $950,000.00


Our client was a passenger in a car hit head on by another driver in a construction zone on a busy Miami street. Our client was rendered paralyzed by the accident. The other driver had been drinking and negligently crossed over onto the wrong side of the road. Shortly after the accident, the other driver who was uninsured fled the country and was never located.

Our firm filed suit against the construction company, the barricade company, the engineers, the County and the State Department of Transportation. The defendants denied any responsibility for the accident and blamed the drunk driver for the client’s injuries. After obtaining many construction documents and taking many depositions of construction personnel, we were successful in proving that the defendants failed to properly maintain traffic in the construction zone by using sufficient barricades and striping on the roadway.

The defendants settled before trial for $950,000.00.

Settlement: $950,000.00


Our client was hit by another vehicle head on; the driver of the other vehicle only had $10,000 of insurance coverage. Our client had injuries to his leg, hip and chest. The other driver had been drinking and negligently crossed over onto the wrong side of the road.

Our firm filed suit against our client’s insurance company, and the defendants settled before trial for $950,000.00.

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