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Personal Injury

If you’ve been involved in an accident and you sustained an injury, it is difficult to know what to do when dealing with your medical and economic issues. At Hoffman, Larin & Agnetti, P.A. experienced attorneys will help you understand what your legal options and rights are, and how to get what you are owed in your personal injury or case.

When you’ve been injured, whether in a car, boat, motorcycle or truck accident, slip and fall or any form of accident or malpractice, you are entitled to compensation that can include:

  • Lost Wages
  • Hospital and Other Medical Bills
  • Damage to Vehicle or Other Property
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Future Care Costs
The attorneys at Hoffman, Larin & Agnetti, P.A. has been fighting for our clients since 1975 and are known for our ability to achieve excellent outcomes in personal injury cases. No matter what the details of your injuries, we can help you recover finances and obtain additional assistance for future expenses caused by your injury.
Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience in all aspects of Personal Injury including: