No Benefits, No Fee – Why You Should Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Many Floridians mistakenly believe that if they hire a lawyer to handle their Social Security disability claim, they are going to have to pay a big retainer fee or a huge sum of money per hour for the lawyer’s services. This misconception is understandable since the stereotype of lawyers is that they charge hundreds of dollars per hour just to talk to clients.

This is NOT the case with the Social Security disability insurance lawyers at Hoffman, Larin & Agnetti, P.A.

Understanding the Fee Structure for Social Security Disability Cases

Fees for legal representation in these types of cases are “contingent.” This means that if you do not get awarded benefits, no fee is due to your lawyer. This is a key reason why you need to reach out to a Florida Social Security disability lawyer. It is a low-risk, high-reward proposition. If you do not get awarded benefits, you leave the same way you began. You will not have to pay your lawyer a large sum of money for an unsuccessful venture.

Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by crobj via flickr
Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by crobj via flickr

If You Get Awarded Benefits, How Much You Will Likely Owe to Your Social Security Disability Lawyer

Attorney fees are paid based on the value of 25 percent of past due benefits you ultimately receive, or a maximum of $6,000.00, whichever is less. This is according to Sections 206(b) and 1631(d)(2) of the Social Security Act.

As you can tell, the fee structure is designed to benefit you, not the lawyer. At most, you are obligated to pay a maximum of $6,000.00. Additionally, attorney fee arrangements are required to be set forth in a written fee agreement that is clear and understandable, and agreements are subject to approval by an Administrative Law Judge. Once again, the system is designed to ensure you get a fair deal.

Do Not Risk Losing Your Benefits

Close to 60 percent of first-time applicants for Social Security disability benefits are denied. This means there is a good chance your application could be denied. The appeals process is time consuming and complex. For example, you have to appeal the denial decision by filing a written request within 60 days of receiving the denial letter. Additionally, there are four different levels of appeal where your claim could go through:

Reconsideration Review

This level involves a claims examiner who was not involved in the first review of your application and who will reconsider your application and any new materials produced to substantiate your claim.

Hearing Before an Administrative Law Judge

At this level, you make your case before a judge. You submit evidence, call witnesses, etc. in an effort for a judge to determine that you are entitled to SSD benefits.

Appeals Council

If you are disagree with the judge’s decision, you can ask for a review by the Social Security Appeals Council. This council reviews all requests and is not required to grant you a second hearing.

Federal Court

Finally, if you disagree with the Appeal Council’s decision, you can file a lawsuit in federal district court.

As you can see, the disability application process can get complicated very quickly. Do not spend your days trying to figure out the claims process. Hire an experienced Social Security disability lawyer with Hoffman, Larin & Agnetti, P.A. and take advantage of the no benefit, no fee policy.