Injured in an Auto Accident – Do You Need a Lawyer?

You’re driving down North Miami Beach Boulevard when a distracted driver slams into the back of your vehicle. Your neck whips back and you immediately feel a sharp pain. You’ve been involved in an auto accident and may have suffered a serious injury. In this moment, an important question to ask is: do I need to hire a Florida personal injury lawyer?

Think Fast

You may have to make a determination about legal representation rather quickly. It is quite common for the other driver’s insurance company to contact you the same day the accident occurred or within 48 hours. They will ask to take a recorded statement, ask you how you’re feeling, ask about the damage to your vehicle, etc. Why all the questions? Because insurance adjusters are tasked with tracking you down and trying to get your claim resolved quickly and for as little money as possible.

Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by 44461337@N06 via flickr
Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by 44461337@N06 via flickr

What’s a Good Settlement?

Do not be surprised if the adjuster, when they have you on the phone, offers a settlement. It’s common for adjusters to offer to pay your medical bills and add in an extra $500 or $1,000 for pain and suffering. The question for you to answer is whether you want to accept the offer and have the claim closed quickly, or whether you want to pursue more in terms of financial restitution.

You Can Always Afford a Florida Car Accident Lawyer

Many people are intimidated by the thought of hiring a lawyer. They worry about the cost and being charged hundreds of dollars just to speak to an attorney. A major benefit to hiring a Florida personal injury attorney is that most attorneys in this area of law charge nothing to meet with clients and do not charge an hourly fee. In fact, most personal injury lawyers work on a “contingency basis” which means they only get paid if you get paid. For instance, if a lawyer charges a one-third contingency fee, when you get a $10,000 settlement, your lawyer would receive about $3,300.

Not only do contingency fee agreements help people who don’t have the money to pay for legal representation upfront, they provide peace of mind to many people who don’t want to pay for a lawyer unless and until results are obtained on their behalf. The contingency fee agreement ensures your lawyer has some proverbial skin in the game and will fight to get the maximum compensation in your case.

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