Why You Need a Florida Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyer

Some people think that filing for Social Security Disability Benefits is easy; you fill out some documents and in a matter of weeks, you are receiving a check. Unfortunately, this is a complete misconception. In fact, at the initial application stage, less than 27 percent of applicants in Florida are approved to receive SSDI benefits. Florida’s rate is actually lower than the national average rate of 31 percent. It gets even worse – Florida’s rate for reconsidering an application and setting an appeal hearing is lower than the national average as well. The typical wait time for a hearing in Florida is 367 days (i.e. over a year).

This Is Where a Florida SSDI Law Firm Can Help

Since roughly seven out of ten SSDI claims are denied in Florida at the initial disability application stage, you should consider speaking with an experienced SSDI attorney.  We can help with the paperwork and assist if you have to go through a disability application interview with an SSDI claim representative in a local Florida office.

One big advantage to retaining a SSDI lawyer from Hoffman, Larin, and Agnetti  is that a firm partner is present for everything in the claims process. Many law firms cannot say that. In fact, many firms handling SSDI benefit claims only assign clerks or associates to attend hearings. Not at Hoffman, Larin, and Agnetti . We are there from beginning to end.

What To Expect During the Claims Process

Your SSDI benefit claim will primarily be decided based on information contained in your medical records. However, vocational information (i.e. info about your job history), your age, and academic background may come into play in the claim review process.

If you were a gainfully employed adult who is now disabled, the objective during a claim review and/or hearing is to show that your limitations (e.g., physical limitations or mental limitations) are so severe that you cannot go back to your previous job or get a new job that provides a similar income. As mentioned, a disability examiner will make a determination based on a review of all the records.

Where a Florida SSDI Lawyer Really Brings Value

Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by kylebaker ff via flickr
Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by kylebaker [no longer active on platform] ff via flickr

If you get denied by an examiner, the next step can be quite daunting – getting a hearing before an administrative law judge. At the hearing, a judge basically performs the same task as an examiner in that they review the medical evidence, your work history, and determine if your current physical or emotional limitations are serious enough to result in an awarding of Social Security Disability Benefits.

Having an experienced SSDI benefit lawyer can make a difference at a more formal hearing when a judge is scrutinizing the records and asking questions about your medical history and background. Having a lawyer at the hearing, especially a seasoned partner from Hoffman, Larin, and Agnetti, can send a signal that your claim is serious, legitimate, and should be approved. Obviously, we cannot guarantee any outcome, but we can guarantee that we will fight tirelessly to get the benefits you need.  If your claim urgently needs to get approved, please call our helpful attorneys today at (305) 653-5555 or use our convenient online contact form to arrange for a free consultation.