Staying Safe During Summer Vacation

Summertime equals vacations for countless families across the United States, and the state of Florida is certainly no exception. Some Florida residents may be planning trips to visit friends and family, heading to a beach, or even traveling out of state. Vacationers from other states may be making Florida their destination. One thing is for sure: summer months are seeing a significant increase in traffic on the roadways. The risk of being injured in an accident is present any time one travels, but that risk increases with more vehicles on the road. Read on for important steps drivers can take to ensure their careful attention to the road while driving leads to safer travels for everyone.

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Safety Tips

It is important for all drivers to follow proper safety precautions while operating a vehicle at any time in order to avoid a possible accident. Some specific safety tips that drivers can heed in the increased traffic conditions this summer are as follows:

Maintaining vehicle safety. This tip includes everything from having the vehicle properly inspected and checking major functions before leaving for a trip to making sure the car is packed in a responsible way to avoid blind spots and decreased visibility.

Using seat belts. Adults and older children should always use seat belts, while younger children should be properly fastened in car seats or booster seats as appropriate. Buckling up offers the best protection for passengers so that if there is an accident, they have the best chance of their injuries being limited.

Do not drive while tired. Stay focused while driving and schedule frequent breaks throughout the trip to stay alert behind the wheel and avoid fatigue.

Share the road with others. Be especially aware of less visible roadway users such as cyclists, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Drivers who expect to find others on the roadway will be prepared to detect them and avoid a crash.

Avoid hot cars. During the summer, cars can easily reach excessively hot temperatures with the sun beating down. The potential for heat stroke in this situation is a real one, and something to be careful to avoid. Pay extra attention that a child or pet is not left alone in a hot vehicle for any amount of time.

Do not take part in poor driver behavior, including drinking and driving and distracted driving. While this tip does not exclusively apply to summer months, it is important to note that there are a higher number of crash fatalities involving drinking and driving during the summer. This could be in part because many summer holidays and celebrations involve outdoor parties during which alcohol is consumed. However, it is wise for drivers to avoid overindulgence of alcohol, and to never drive after doing so.

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