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Wrongful Death

A death caused by the carelessness of another, whether as a result of automobile accident, malpractice or other negligence, often results in catastrophic consequences, economically and emotionally for the decedent’s family.

When the death of a person is caused by a wrongful act, negligence, default, or breach of contract or warranty, including those occurring on navigable waters, certain family members (called ‘survivors’ under Florida Law) are entitled to money damages.  ‘Survivors’ includes the decedent’s spouse, children, parents, and, when partly or wholly dependent on the decedent for support or services, any blood relatives and adoptive brothers and sisters.

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The decedent’s personal representative (the person administering the estate of the decedent) will bring the claim or lawsuit and ask for an award and compensation for the benefit of the decedent’s survivors and estate.

Survivors are entitled to the value of past, present and future lost support and services, with interest.

The surviving spouse is also entitled to compensation for the loss of the decedent’s companionship and protection and for mental pain and suffering from the date of injury.

Minor children of the decedent can recover for lost parental companionship, instruction, and guidance and for mental pain and suffering.

Each parent of a deceased minor child can also receive compensation for mental pain and suffering from the date of injury. Each parent of an adult child can receive compensation for mental pain and suffering if there are no other survivors.

A survivor who has paid medical or funeral expenses due to the decedent’s injury or death may recover them.

The decedent’s personal representative will ask for an award of money on behalf of the decedent’s estate for loss of earnings and accumulations which might reasonably have been expected but for the wrongful death as well as for medical and funeral expenses.

If you or a loved one has suffered the premature death of a family member due to negligence, or the reckless or criminal behavior of another, consult the experienced wrongful death attorneys at Hoffman, Larin, & Agnetti today. Our firm will aggressively seek maximum compensation to help you handle medical and funeral expenses, lost wages of the deceased, and other financial and emotional consequences.  The law surrounding wrongful death, however, allows legal action to be taken only for a limited period of time. When this period has elapsed, you will no longer have the option of filing a lawsuit.  Call for a free consultation today.